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AIT Systems Inc. –has become one of the leading Auto-ID Integrators of E-Commerce, Bar Code, and RFID Technologies, since 1986. Our applications are designed with a very high degree of user ease in mind and incorporate technologies that promote those solutions. All these years we have worked diligently to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.


We have been very happy to team up with partners like HP Enterprise Services, Cleo, Intermec, Zebra, Datamax, and Denso to name a few, for providing E-Commerce and RFID solutions that fit the customer’s needs. This is why our emphasis has been on the evaluation of the actual and planned needs in the context of the overall wish list of each individual client. 


Our experience has led us to design and implement highly successful, robust and efficient software, for Supply Chain Solutions involving 1st Tier, 2nd Tier and 3rd Tier Suppliers for a reasonable price tag; not the usual norm. 


Working with our partners, we have successfully provided FTP/S solutions for a large number of Automotive Suppliers. Auto Mapping, Label Generation, Exporting and Importing for all Trading Partners. GM 2D and Delphi Label automation are some examples


AIT is a Honda Approved Software Solution Provider using our AIT-HONDA software. We are providing a Secure FTP solution for Honda suppliers. AIT-HONDA is a seamless operational software package, integrated with the latest scanning hardware using Touch Screen and Voice Verification functionalities. We have been approved with Honda for their VC2 (Value Chain 2) initiative.


We are currently working with RFID hardware manufacturers to provide cost effective and integrated RFID solutions for various verticals such as Automotive, Health, Military, Retail, Steel, and Transportation.


As a team, our objective is to reduce Complexity to Simplicity, to go from Confusion to Clarity and from Cumbersome to Effortless in Analyzing, Designing, and Implementing our Customer Solutions.


We hope you will also Explore the Possibilities with AIT. 

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