VAN services

AIT System provides VAN services through HP Elite MFT to many customers. Fast, Reliable, easy Implementation, great Support and low Pricing are the key factors that make this product a succes. Our VAN services combined with our EDI end user software provide a complete price effective EDI solution, a bridge between ERP systems and your EDI partners and/or every possible solution in between.

GM/Ford EDI Certification

Both GM and Ford require you to go through an EDI certification before you can send/receive EDI documents with them. We can take that hazzle away from you and get you certified in the shortest amount of time.

AS2/OFTP2 connections

If you need a direct data connection to your business partner through OFTP2 or AS2, we can help!

With our expertise and unique software we will set up the data connection for you in no time. We were the first ones to setup a OFTP2 trading partner data connection between a US supplier and Volkswagen USA connecting directly with the VW server in Germany as part of an EDI solution.

Odette Certificates

We simplify the confusion in obtaining a Odette ID/Certificate. In this whole process we will guide you step by step with the preparation, ordering, creating and installation of Odette Certificates, required to setup a secure OFTP2 connection.

Mapping/ERP Connection

Most ERP systems can't handle EDI data directly. AIT can translate any EDI to a format used by your ERP. XML, flatfile, JSON: we can provide you with the data in the format you need. Give our software the file and it will take care of translation to and from an EDI compliant file depending on the requirements of your partners. You don't have to worry about standards and special requirements for your customers, our software will take care of that.


Need help with EDI? We can help you with our EDI specialists. If you need help with a complete EDI setup or have issues with just a trading partner setup, our technicians can help resolve your EDI problems. AIT systems can help with filling out communication request forms, EDI compliance certification for partners like GM Ford and Honda, software setup, connecting systems, anything involded in EDI.