Labels, Ribbon and other supplies

AIT designs, and distributes all types of bar code and RFID media. Label and ribbon stocks are selected and formulated to provide your company with the maximum in quality, readability and equivalent performance. AIT can provide your company with the right selection, color, removable, pressure sensitive labels, cards or RFID tags, customized to your specifications. All label stocks are carefully chosen to increase print head life and enhance image quality.
Label and ribbon stocks are matched for highest possible PCS (Print Contrast Signal), MRD (Minimum Reflectance Difference), and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Print Quality Grade. Labels are perforated for material handling ease, stacking, and on-line print dispensing

At AIT, we are in constant pursuit of quality solutions. As data collection integrators, A.I.A.G. and Automatic Identification Project Team members, products innovation and enhancements are part of our business.